Wedding Starlight Dancefloor Belfast


Price £350

It's your wedding day. You're already on cloud nine. How magical will it feel when your first dance song is playing, your in the arms of your new Husband/Bride and your standing in a darkened room with lights shining up from the white starlight floor through a thin line of smoke with just a spotlight on you, it will feel like you are the only two people in the world. But everybody is watching you. Do not miss out on that feeling at your wedding. This is is the biggest and best day of your life.

And that's not it. Your guests doing Superstar Dance Off will look like real celebrities on the Starlight Dancefloors and the pictures you will get will look magnificent not to mention the atmosphere in your room.

Our Starlight Dancefloor is fully wired so fully reliable. You will not see lights cutting out on our floor! Classy all the way.

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